7 Days Taiwan Sensation


Day 1 : Singapore - Taoyuan - Taichong    (MOB/L)

Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to Taipei by Eva Air - Hello Kitty Flight. Upon arrival Taoyuan International Airport, transfer to Hsinchu NeiWan Old Street. Neiwan Old Street once prospered as the artery of lumbering and mining transportation in the past. For now, this town is transformed to a Hakka spot for tourism. Therefore, we must experience Hakka Lei Cha DIY here. Next, we will proceed to Gaomei Wetlands, this is the place in Taichung where the sea and the land meet. It is a grassy and muddy tidal flat where you can catch the sea breeze and watch beautiful sunsets. It also a place where you can spots thousands of crabs, mud-skippers and rare birds. In the evening, we will go to Yizhong Street Night Market, the area is the second busiest night market and CBD zone in Taichung.

Accommodation : 4 ★ The Galerie Hotel、Miller Inn、Talmud Business Hotel、Lai Lai Hotel or similar


Day 2 : TaiChong - Nantou - QingJing    (B/L-Seafood feast/D)

Heading to Puli Brewery after breakfast, Puli Brewery Factory is devoted to establishing the landmark feature of Puli as the Hometown of Shaoxing (Shaohsing) Wine. Aside from actively promoting the culture of Shaoxing (Shaohsing) Wine, there are also putting more efforts in preserving the history of the winery, it is the first Wine Culture Museum in Taiwan. After that, proceed to QingJing farm, known as a “Foggy Eden” far away from the city area in the mountains, Qingjing is great for those who enjoy fresh air, lush forests, acres of flowers along the plains and hillsides, and beautiful starry nights. Beside, we will also visit the famous place in QingJing farm which is Green Green Grasslands. Next proceed to Skywalk, visitors can walk on this tempered glass platform for scenic views.

Accommodation : 4 ★ E-Moh Hostel、Linshing Garden Resort、Junyue Hanging Garden Resort or similar


Day 3 : Nantou - Tainan    (B/L/D)

After breakfast, head towards to Local Product Centre and next is Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan's largest lake, Sun Moon Lake is located in the mountains of Nantou at the geographic centre of Taiwan island. The name of the lake is inspired by the beauty of the area. The east side of the lake is round, like the sun, while the west side is long and narrow, like a crescent moon. After that,  proceed Sun Moon Lake Wen Wu Temple, It got its name because the place was used to worship Confucius, Wenchang Emperor as well as gods. Next, arrive at the Tsou Ma Lai farm, this farm is surrounded on three sides by the Zengwun River's middle and lower reaches, and encircled by Wushan Ridge of the Alishan Mountains, forming a paradisical natural habitat. Overnight at Tsou Ma Lai farm.

Accommodation : 4 ★ Tsou Ma Lai farm


Day 4 : Tainan - Taichung    (B/L)

Head towards to TaiChung will passed by Sihcao Green Tunnel, Sihcao Green Tunnel in Tainan was once a salt canal. 750 meters long and 20 meters wide, the canal was used to transport salt products from the drying field to the storage back in the days. The rich habitat of the mangrove the canal cuts through is the wetland environment with the most variety of species and plants in Taiwan. Next is Chiku Yanshan, it is the largest sun-dried field for sea salts in Taiwan southwest coast. With the total area more than 1,800 hectares. In the evening, proceed to Fengjia Night Market for free activity.

Accommodation : 4 ★ The Galerie Hotel、Miller Inn、Talmud Business Hotel、Lai Lai Hotel or similar


Day 5 : Taichong - Taipei    (B/L)

Proceed to Taichung World Flora Exposition after breafast, next is Pearl Center. After that, heading to Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. The most prominent historical landmark in Taiwan, the CKS Memorial Hall was erected in honor and memory of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, the former President of the Republic of China, and was opened in 1980 as part of a national park and gathering area. In the evening, we will proceed to Shilin Night Market for free activity.

Accommodation : 4 ★ Eastern Hotels Resort or similar


Day 6 : Taipei        (B/L)

After breakfast, visit Tien Lu Handicrafts center and next to Tamsui Old Street, Tamsui Old Street is a boardwalk-like area full of shops, carnival games, restaurants, cafés, and xiaochi snacks. Next, arrive at Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf, it is well known for its beautiful sunsets, seafood, and, more recently with young people, its high amount of party boats. After that, we proceed to Taipei 101 Shopping Mall which is located inside the world's second tallest building with the height of 508 meters (observatory tickets on your own expenses). In the evening, will proceed to Raohe Street Night Market for free activity.

Accommodation : 4 ★  Chateau de Chine Hotel Sinjhuang、Platinum Hotel、Hotel Intrendy or similar


Day 7 : Taipei - Singapore        (B)

After breakfast, own activity until evening. Proceed to Taoyuan International Airport for your flight back to Singapore. We hope you had a memorable time with FOCAL TRAVEL!



第一天 : 新加坡 - 桃园 - 台中    (午餐)

在新加坡樟宜机场集合, 搭乘长荣Hello Kitty 客机飞往桃园机场。 抵达后, 前往新竹内湾老街, 内湾老街是沿着合兴车站在往上的 内湾车站所 延伸出来的附近道路成为的一条老街。 来到内湾, 一定要体验道地的客家擂茶, 这里也提供擂茶DIY。随后, 我们来到 台中, 高美湿地。高美湿 地是著名的观鸟圣地, 也是台中最佳的日落观景地之一, 这片湿地拥有潮溪、草泽、沙地、碎石、泥滩等多 样性的栖息环境, 还有很多小螃蟹 等生物。傍晚, 到一中街商圈自由活动, 位于中友百货附近, 与三民商圈连成一气, 小吃摊、饮食店 林立, 各种新潮流行资讯在这随处可见、 随手可得。


住宿:4 ★ 拓程、米乐、塔木德、来来 or similar


第二天 : 台中 - 南投 - 清境    (早/午-蒸笼宴/晚餐)

早餐后, 前往南投埔里酒厂。埔里酒厂建立于1911年, 是当时埔里的乡亲们组建的第一个民间酒厂, 研发生产了绍兴酒、白酒、   清酒、状元红等特色酒品。1996年酒厂成立了酒文化馆, 馆内展示者中国历代的酒器、原住民酒文化、埔里酒厂产业发展史等, 典藏了岁月与文化、历史 与酒香, 更成为全台最具代表性的酒文化园区。随后, 前往清境农场, 清境农场坐落在群山之间, 与武陵 农场、梨山福寿山农场合称为台湾三大 高山农场。其后, 也会参观清境农场最有名的景点 - 青青草原。午餐有蒸笼宴 - 生猛海鲜 创意新吃法, 用蒸锅蒸出海鲜的甜美与鲜味, 大推泰 国虾、活鲍鱼、活蟹。接着, 来到天空步道, 从蝴蝶园端至青青草园全长1.2公里, 站在步道上不仅能远眺中央山脉及奇莱山, 漫步走着除了能 感受美景之外还能看到草原上的绵羊。

住宿:4 ★ 依默、岭仙花园、竣悦 or similar


第三天 : 南投 - 台南    (早/午/晚餐)


早餐后, 前往原住民山产中心购买当地特色土产。接着, 我们乘游艇游日月潭。日月潭为日潭与月潭之合称, 因其双潭水色各异而得 名, 日月潭 景色优美, 「双潭秋月」为台湾八景之一。我们会到文武庙, 文武庙是东亚文化中供奉文帝文昌帝君或孔子, 何武帝官帝 君的一类庙宇。一般 为文帝设「学宫」, 为武帝设「武宫」, 两宫分立。随后, 前往台南住进位于台南 市大内区的走马濑农场, 面积120公顷, 提供五感六觉全方位的 复合绿能空间, 设施有住宿、 露营、会议、展演、餐饮及30余项运动休闲游憩, 是环境教育 体验参访的户外教室, 更是自然旅行享受休闲的最 佳地点。农场足足有四个台北大安森林公园大, 由台南是农会于国民77年开发 经营, 是全国第一个休闲农业 主题游乐园。 从射箭、高尔夫、 脚踏车到戏水、玩草又吃草, 从半日逍遥游到多日度假, 农场以其多样 多元软件服务及硬件设施, 满足全年龄层的需求。

住宿:4 ★ 走马濑农场


第四天 : 台南 - 台中    (早/午餐)

早餐后, 返回台中途经四草绿叶隧道, 四草是红树林的故乡,种类数量位居全省之冠, 大众庙后方排水道的红树林保护区, 沿途可欣赏 全省仅有 的四种红树林(五梨跤、水笔仔、榄李、海茄苳)所构成的水上绿色隧道。途中会参观七股盐山, 雪白的山峰耸立在滨海 处,  是七股相当知名的 地标, 天候状况良好时, 天空在白色盐山衬托之下更能呈现美丽的土耳其蓝。回到台中, 前往逢甲夜市自由活动。

住宿:4 ★ 拓程、米乐、塔木德、来来 or similar



第五天 : 台中 - 台北    (早/午餐)

早餐后, 前往参观台中世界花卉博览会, 为期5个月的博览会是为了提倡绿色生态的重要信息。随后, 我们会到珍珠养殖中心。接着 中正纪念堂, 为纪念蒋介石而建, 园区分布着自然景观和文化建筑, 是台北市最重要的大型活动广场、文艺表演中心。 造型仿北京 天坛之顶、埃及金字塔之 体, 全是中国宫殿式之建筑, 有浓烈的文艺气息。傍晚, 会到士林夜市自由活动。

住宿:4 ★ 东森温泉 or similar


第六天 : 台北    (早/午餐)

早餐后, 参观天禄艺术中心。前往淡水老街, 在这里, 可以见到遗留保存下来的古建筑、屋舍。坐落期间的数座老庙宇, 映出当地的历 史。 最古老的福佑宫就相传始建于清朝雍正年间。随后, 我们会到渔人码头。淡水渔人码头是新北市府开发成多功能的休闲 渔港, 原本只是一个小渔港, 如今已发展成为淡水知名观光景点。接着, 到台北101大楼商场, 此外您还可自费到观景台遥望台北市区的景 色。最后一站是饶河夜市,  自由活动。

住宿:4 ★  新庄翰品、白金花园、丽京栈 or similar


第七天 : 台北 - 新加坡    (早餐)

早餐后, 自由活动直到傍晚。由专人接送到桃园机场,乘搭豪华班机前往新加坡,并希望您同风格旅游共享美丽的回忆。